Protect and Quick Detect Spammer using Mikrotik

May 14, 2014 0
Spammer is like boot, it send unauthorized bulk mail / messages, especially advertising and indiscriminately. Usually it injected to your customer device like PC/Laptop bring by virus or etc. And your customer will not aware if his devices infected. And the worse condition, your public IP will block by internet spam blocker like spamhouse, RBL and etc. So we should request white list IP Address. Now how to prevent this problem ? Many way to prevent this, one of them is using mikrotik firewall. I will show you how to detect infected devices. 1. Go to menu IP > FIREWALL > FILTER , and then add new rule like picture below.
 smtp1  If you have specific Local address put into src-address, ex : It's to detect infected devices.
 smtp2  In Tab Extra, That's means if 1 IP address ( mask /32 ) have 30 connection using protocol TCP and port 25 ( smtp ) in 50 sec.
 smtp3  In Tab Action, choose action add to src address list then type name of address list that you want. And then how long will keep dynamically in address list,ex : i put 2 hours.
2. Now add new rule again in IP > FIREWALL > FILTER
smtp4 Now blocking access to port smtp
smtp5  In Tab Menu Advanced, in drop down Src.Address List pick your list where you have added in above.
smtp6  In Tab Menu Action, choose action = drop
Ok now, how to check what you have done. 3. Check in menu IP > FIREWALL > ADDRESS LIST, and then in drop down right side pick your list. If you got new dynamic there. It suspect as spammer so you need to check with owner of this ip. check virus and detect boot spammer and remove that. smtp7 Ok now finish. Have a nice try.

Talua Katuang Padang Beach

May 11, 2014 0
"Talua Kautang" what is that ? That's turtle eggs. It's different with other eggs, it little bit small than chicken eggs. nice taste and good for your health. You want to try ? go to padang beach in west sumatra - indonesia. DSC_0150 penyu bertelur

Configure Sub Interface Vlan Juniper M Series Router

May 9, 2014 0
How to configure sub interface vlan in juniper m series router ? It's no need more step to finish it. Juniper configuration like hierarchy, where you will find like a tree configuration. Below is configuration of sub interface in juniper m series. siejelex@Juniper> configure Entering configuration mode [edit] siejelex@Juniper# set interfaces ge-0/1/0 unit 1 vlan-id 100 siejelex@Juniper# set interfaces ge-0/1/0 unit 1 family inet address siejelex@Juniper# set interfaces ge-0/1/0 unit 1 description "ge-0/1/0.1 vlan id 100" siejelex@Juniper# commit siejelex@Juniper# exit siejelex@Juniper>show configuration interface ge-0/1/0.1 description ge-0/1/0.1 vlain id 100; vlan-id 100; family inet { address; } Ok done. Now you have sub interface in ge-0/1/0 with tag vlan id 100. Now check your interfaces. siejelex@Juniper>show interfaces brief Physical interface: ge-0/1/0, Enabled, Physical link is Up Link-level type: Ethernet, MTU: 1518, Speed: 1000mbps, Loopback: Disabled, Source filtering: Disabled, Flow control: Enabled Device flags   : Present Running Interface flags: SNMP-Traps 16384 Link flags     : None Logical interface ge-0/1/0.1 Flags: SNMP-Traps VLAN-Tag [ 0x8100.100 ]  Encapsulation: ENET2 inet m10i

How To Reset Extreme Switch Summits

May 7, 2014 0
Summits is one of product from extreme. Extreme switch have a many feature and very good switching. And now i will give tutorial about how to reset to default extreme switch summit. Extreme using null modem console cable rs232. Step to reset : 1. Connect to switch using rs232 console. 2. Open putty or other terminal console. 3. Console config ( speed baud rate = 115200 ; data bit = 8 ; stop bit = 1 ; flow control = none ). 4. Ok now connect, if you get picture like below, now you connected. console-extreme 5. Now press spacebar and hold it. 6. Reboot switch by plug-unplug from power source and still hold spacebar. 7. If you success, you will direct to boot rom like picture below. boot-menu 8. Now press "1" for choose primary code image 9. Then press "k" for erase selected configuration 10. Then press "d" for force default configuration 11. Then press "f" for boot on board flash. 12. After finish boot you will direct to login screen. And insert with user admin and blank password. 13. Ok now is back to default configuration, last save to primary database by type = save primary. 14. type yes if you direct to confirmation screen. Ok finish. Thank you, good luck and try. :D

Gadang Clock Tower Bukittinggi West Sumatra

May 7, 2014 0
Gadang clock tower is located in bukittinggi, west sumatra - indonesia. This is one of many tourism destination in bukittinggi. And the first time i go there, it was amazing for me. Beside bukittinggi has a cool air, and very beautiful places, bukittinggi has unique layout city. I was there and walk around bukittinggi, it was amazing. Gadang Clock tower structure was built 1926 during the dutch colonial era. It designed by yazin and sutan gigi ameh. This is as gift from queen to city controller. Height of this tower about 26 meter or 85 ft. And what is the special of this clock tower ? If you give more attention in clocking numbers, you will found the special one there. What is that ? yeah .. it has unique number for number 4. There use "IIII" instead "IV" for traditional roman number. Based of local people story this 4 vertical line represent for four workers died while constructing building. So when you will go there and take a some picture ? :D   siejelex-gadang1 siejelex-gadang2 gadang-siejelex

Open Source Trouble Ticketing System OTRS

May 5, 2014 0
Ticketing system usually used for customer service / helpdesk support. Why we need ticketing system ? Yup if want to make simple record any history and fast finding any query about helpdesk in a few minutes, you need this application. So what is OTRS ? OTRS is one of many ticketing system where it use GPL License. I recommend this application for support your business easier handled helpdesk. I call this is best of open source ticketing system. What is benefit of this application ? 1. You can change anything inside of this application with what ever do you need. 2. It has big community and best support if you need. 3. Simple installation with using simple requirement. 4. Really good GUI and interactive for new agent. 5. You can combine this application with other application ex : nagios for network monitoring system. 6. always up to date and fast for recovery any bug in new release. 7. You can install under linux or under windows. otrs-demo So, here i give you link of demo page.
Role Description Demo
Service Agent2nd and 3rd Level As a 2nd or 3rd level service agent, you are part of the service & support organization and responsible for a certain group of objects or services. Incidents need to be classified and analyzed to provide the customer with an appropriate solution. Standard Demo:Try OTRS 3.3 Login
Extended Demo:Try OTRS 3.2 Login
Service Manager As a service manager, the system provides you with extended rights and control mechanisms in order to manage the service & support organization. Standard Demo:Try OTRS 3.3 Login
Extended Demo:Try OTRS 3.2 Login
Customer As a customer, you typically interact with the system by e-mail, telephone or customer web frontend. Recording incidents and service requests is as easy as classifying or tracking them. Standard Demo:Try OTRS 3.3 Login
Create a ticket by emailView the Public FAQ Frontend Extended Demo:Try OTRS 3.2 Login
OK. So what are you waiting for ? Let's go to build now ... !!!
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