How To Reset Extreme Switch Summits

May 7, 2014 0
Summits is one of product from extreme. Extreme switch have a many feature and very good switching. And now i will give tutorial about how to reset to default extreme switch summit. Extreme using null modem console cable rs232. Step to reset : 1. Connect to switch using rs232 console. 2. Open putty or other terminal console. 3. Console config ( speed baud rate = 115200 ; data bit = 8 ; stop bit = 1 ; flow control = none ). 4. Ok now connect, if you get picture like below, now you connected. console-extreme 5. Now press spacebar and hold it. 6. Reboot switch by plug-unplug from power source and still hold spacebar. 7. If you success, you will direct to boot rom like picture below. boot-menu 8. Now press "1" for choose primary code image 9. Then press "k" for erase selected configuration 10. Then press "d" for force default configuration 11. Then press "f" for boot on board flash. 12. After finish boot you will direct to login screen. And insert with user admin and blank password. 13. Ok now is back to default configuration, last save to primary database by type = save primary. 14. type yes if you direct to confirmation screen. Ok finish. Thank you, good luck and try. :D

Hard Reset Mikrotik Routerboard RB750 / RB750G

April 24, 2014 0
Sometimes we got mistake when configure router. And it make possibility damage your router and you can't manage your router any way. And you should do hard reset for recovery. And do your know how to do hard reset RB750 / RB751 / RB951 ? If you don't know how .... I will let you know. 1. First find reset pin/button beside of power jack. 2. Press and hold reset pin/button using pen or something to reach it. 3. Now power off your router, while you hold pressing reset pin/button. 4. Power on your router with keep press reset pin/button. 5. Wait until LED processing indicate booting success and ready for use. 6. Now check using winbox, if you can login with default user login ( admin / blank password ). Good Job, your routerboard is back to default. Now be careful while configure your router, please read manual or ask with who is expert with mikrotik OS. :)  
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